Men's Over 60's Bowls Triples League

All the boxes on the form shown below must be completed when notifying a match result.  When complete, please click the 'Submit' button and a short message below the button will appear for a few seconds to confirm the submission.

Notification of Match Result Form

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a) At the end of a match, both captains should compare score cards to ensure that they are in agreement over the match result and scores.  

b) The 'Notification of Match Result Form' should be completed within 24 hours of the end of the match by the Home Captain, or his nominated representative.

c) The match score cards should be retained by Team Captains for at least a month after the season has ended, in order to assist in the resolution of any possible disputes.

d) In the event that a fixture is cancelled, for any reason, please ensure that the Fixture Secretary has been notified of the situation.

e) If you have any difficulty with this on-line form, or with the fixtures in general, please contact the Fixture Secretary: Maurice Daniel (