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Exeter & District Men’s Over 60 Triples Bowls League

Privacy Policy

This form can be used for Team Captains to provide their Names & Telephone Numbers to be shown on the Captains List Page.  The form can also be used by Club Representatives to provide their contact information to the League Secretary.


Team Captains

All Team Captains are requested to have their names and contact telephone numbers shown on the Captain's List page.  This is to enable opposition captains to contact you in case of any adverse conditions or emergency.  If you are a team Captain you can register your approval by completing the form at the bottom of this page.


Club Representatives

All Club Representatives are requested to notify their names and contact details to the League Secretary.  This data will be held securely by the Secretary and will be used to contact to Representatives periodically with relevant information in connection with the running of the league.


​​This Website

The purpose of the E & D Men’s Over 60’s Triples Bowls League Website is to keep its members and others visiting the site up to date with what are current happenings within the League.

This website is unable to extract any information or data from those using it or browsing the pages.


Data and Data Protection

The Officers of the League take your privacy seriously and will only use Personal and Club data to administer and keep member Clubs informed about the Leagues activities.

The only personal data collected and stored are names and contact information; this includes Club Representatives' Names, Addresses, Telephone Numbers and Email Addresses for reference only; Team Captain’s Names and Telephone numbers are required for the reasons detailed above.

Emails with multiple addresses will be sent to Club Representatives and Team Captains using the Blind Copy facility to protect all other members' data.


Who has control of your Data?

Currently it is only the Secretary, Fixture Secretary and Treasurer that have access to all the members’ details and data. 

Any change to this will be recorded at a League AGM or during the running season if urgent change is deemed necessary. All Members will be notified of any changes as/when/if they occur at all times.

New Club Representatives, Team Captains and Committee members will be required to authorise the storage and use of data appertaining to them for the League's purposes, either by use of the form below, in writing or by email to the League Secretary.


Data storage and utilisation

Personal data stored by the Secretary, Fixture Secretary and Treasurer is for current Club, Representatives and Team Captains only.  Any Club, Representative or Team Captain who withdraws from the League will be deleted from the system.

All data is stored on a computerised password encoded address database and will only be used for League purposes. Only the three Executive Officers have access to the password required.

Part or all of the Data Base may be shared with other members of League Committee if or when it is required to ensure their duties can be carried out efficiently.

The data will be used for membership management and renewals; to inform members about League activities; to distribute League literature; and to contact members individually if required for League purposes.


Members rights to amend or withdraw data

Members can change or request the deletion of their data or withdraw their consent for the use of their data at any time by contacting the Secretary in writing or by email.

Approval to Show Contact Details

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